Damir Ludvig is an award winning film and music producer who has received 3 awards for music documentary work at the well-accomplished New York International Independent Film and Video Festival.
Ludvig is best known as an international DJ. He is also an achieved composer, producer and lyricist of the project Ludvig & Stelar, with releases on the prestigious Café del Mar music label.
Damir is the Best Soundtrack Award nominee at the World Music and Independent Film Festival (Washington, DC) and an author of Ludvig & Stelar’s album title track Relax, which has been played in more than 90 countries around the globe including Hong-Kong, Argentina, Australia, South Africa, Romania, etc.
As a DJ, Ludvig is no less impressive. He has been a resident DJ and art director for the ultimate Croatian Astralis events for the last 14 years and has played at various venues in the USA, UK, Taiwan, Switzerland, Spain, Slovenia, Japan, Israel, Italy, Greece, Germany, Bosnia And Herzegovina, Belgium, Austria, etc.
Damir has performed at many multi-faceted events. Such includes luxurious diplomatic performances at the German Tag der Deutschen Einheit gathering for ambassadors and representatives of multifarious countries.
Further, Ludvig is experienced in various charity events and famous venues and festivals including the famous Brixton Academy (London), Roxy (New York), Love Parade (Berlin) and headlining Croatia’s best events at Papaya (Zrce), Spaladium Arena (Split) and the Moon & Rocks Festival (Novalja) including performances with Timo Maas, Infected Mushroom, X-press 2 and Yolanda Be Cool.
Ludvig is also known as a composer and an established producer of the projects Dogma, Legura, Dogma 3000 and as lead vocalist of Rotterwolfe and Fresh Style. We all tend to believe that every musical artist transcends genre, but Ludvig genuinely claims it and achieves it. As an eight year old, Damir started touring as a member of the school choir, performing works of Giuseppe Verdi, Ludwig van Beethoven, Johannes Brahms and many other classical and contemporary composers for over 6 years. In his teenage years, he became fascinated with hip-hop, and formed the first Croatian rap band DIFFO. Under the name MC Wumah, Ludvig, became one of the key individuals in the development of the Croatian hip hop scene.
As a front man of the project Fresh Style, Ludvig reached number 1 on the Croatian National Television chart with his rap song “Wicked at Weekend” back in 1993. Moreover, in his twenties, he became a member of the legendary Goa trance project, Dogma, releasing a CD album “Land of Utopia”. The album turned out to be a collector’s item just a couple of years later, selling for over 200 USD per copy on EBay. Soon after, the project changed its name to Dogma 3000 and got Ludvig working on the remix versions of Overlords ‘God’s eye on Goa’ and an Eye Q classic Vernon ‘The Wonderer’. Damir Ludvig’s music received charming reviews and compliments including the acclaimed praise in the Future Music magazine: “Croatia’s finest electronic export”. With such acclamation, Ludvig didn’t only contribute with autographs and interviews, he was also an active journalist writing for magazines such as Subculture, Arkzin, PLUR (the first Chinese electronic music magazine), and even started a fanzine in 2001, called Informer.  As a reporter, he also had an opportunity to interview artists such as Afrika Bambaata, Mad Professor, Jeff Mills, Paul van Dyk and Westbam. Overall, Ludvig is constantly expanding his horizons experimenting with various music styles such as lounge, progressive, electro, indie dance, deep house, tech house and techno. He is constantly sharing his knowledge with new generations as a lecturer at the Croatian DJ Academy. Damir also composed music for a documentary ‘Pines and Firs’ and made his way composing music for TV and radio commercials for shows such as the Croatian National Television’s ‘Good Morning Croatia’ and for the art and culture show ‘Urban Code’. He is collaborating with many of the world’s biggest corporations such as Sony Ericsson who sponsored the Astralis Live CD.Among such known names, Coca-Cola booked him for events and Red Bull sponsored his film projections. Phillip Morris used the Ludvig & Stelar album as part of their campaign and released 250.000 copies of the CD. After all such endeavors and artful activities, Ludvig still finds time for his favorite hobby; slowly writing his first book without any pressure and just for “funs sake”.Presently, in 2012, Damir Ludvig is focused on club music again, rather then chill out. But, you never know what will come to his mind next.


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    CLR300 | Clinique Recordings | 2018-11-12
  • Eclipticum
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    Progressive House
    BP7972018 | Bonzai Progressive | 2018-10-22
  • Secrets #4
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    NBGS006 | Nothing But | 2018-07-02
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    MUSIC423A | Music Is The Answer | 2018-06-04
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