On his 17th Birthday, Dieter a.k.a. “Sin Plomo” was given a birthday present by his father that he knew would have a great impact on his life, an enormous collection of records. From the Rolling Stones to Led Zepplin, The Who and Elvis, to old German “hit list” features, there was a bit of everything in there. At the age of 18, both he and his father opened up a club in the German town of Rosenheim. It was at that point, that Sin Plomo finally realized that he was to be a DJ. In the coming years, almost every night he pleased his audiences with a huge variety of styles, helping him to acquire of one of a DJ’s most crucial skills, the feeling for the audience.
In 1988, when Dieter first came to Ibiza, all he wanted was a couple of days off, but at once he fell in love with the magical island, the fanatic crowds and the abundant musical potential. As a perfect platform for new talents and hues in music, Ibiza now had a new tenant. Dieter became resident DJ of the exclusive Ibiza underground club “KM 5” in the summer of 97, and as “Sin Plomo” pushed his weight in the year of KM 5’s first major hype.
After the Spanish record label “House D’ârret” signed him in 1998, they put out his first release, a self-gathered and mixed compilation for the KM 5, which brought Sin Plomo (Spanish for “unleaded”) and one of his productions “Wake up” to MANUMISSION’s attention. With the coming of the Millenium he celebrated his second release “Platinum”, which earned well deserved respect and success. “KM 5-Beats” Vol. 3 and Vol. 4, released on Virgin Rec., followed in 2000 and 2001.
But Sin Plomo is by far more than just a gifted DJ. In 1999 he met Torsten Stenzel, owner of “Magic Island Studios” in Ibiza. This was another turning point in Sin Plomo’s life. Gradually, Torsten a.k.a. “The Master of Trance” developed a serious affection for Sin Plomo’s interpretation of house music, and so the two produced several tracks and RMX’s like Bebel Gilberto’s “Sem Contencao” or Timmy Thomas’ “Why can’t we live together”, just to mention a few.
In recent years Sin Plomo was spinning in every major Ibiza club, while during off-season he toured Europe to present his “Balearic Beats” to a wider audience. For season 2000 he was in musical charge of the “SPACE’s” Sunday gathering “The Home” and season 2001’s “We love sunday…”, until he became Space’s resident DJ in 2002, earning him the possibility to go back to his roots and spin various styles, while alternately performing in the Club and Space’s exclusive outdoors area.
This also included being the resident DJ for MANUMISSION’s legendary afterhour-partys “Carry On” in the summers of 2001 and 2002, as well as gracing Wednesday’s “In bed with Space” in 2002. It was this summer, when he celebrated the Ibiza-wide release of his first fully self-produced album “Different ways to dance”.
In summer 2003 he released on CHICA DISCOS, a new label founded in Ibiza, the album/compilation “CHICA DISCOS VOL. 1”, which was a big success, so that it was already sold out after two months. The first release on Chica Discos was “Breathing Fire, produced by Sin Plomo and Torsten Stenzel with vocalist Casey Keth, who received worldwide recognition due to his latest 12” Soulkeeper on Ministry Of Sound.
Also to mention is his project he did for “AVERNA”, the Italian digestive, a lounge compilation called “Avernaffairs”. For the promotion he toured in spring and fall 2003.
In April 2004 Sin Plomo released “CHICA DISCOS VOL. 2” and did a clubtour throgh Europe.
In 2004 he also released a “jj florex remix” of his track “It´s you” on Tommy Boy Rec. for the American market and on Stereo Cool for the Iberian market. With his track “African stomper” Sin Plomo released on Stereo Production (the successful label of Chus & Ceballos) one of the best sold and most played production on the label.
Following the success of “Chica Diso Vol. 1” and “Chica Disco Vol. 2” Sin Plomo will release together with Superlounger in May 2005 “Chica Disco Vol. 3”, presenting a variety of exclusive tracks from the island along with a sophisticated selection of the best in sexy, funky and tribal house music. The compilation includes a loungy bonus CD by Superlounger and 5 exclusive new tracks, produced by Sin Plomo and Torsten Stenzel (Chilly Marry, The Ministers of Music, Daniels & Plomo and Superlounger). The release is was follewd by a clubtour through Europe from April to June.
Sin Plomo was working on the new compilation for the exclusive furniture and interior Design shop “La Maison de l ..lephant” in Ibiza. The double CD includes songs from Paco Fernandez, David Guetta, Jimmy Summerville, Superlounger, Ministers of Music and many more exclusive tracks. The CD wwas released in June 2005.
During the season 2006 you can find Sin Plomo sprinning, among others in Space at “We love Sundays at Space” and at Manumission´s “Carry on” and at Sa Trinxa / Salinas Beach once a week.
Sin Plomo mixes an enormous assembly of styles in perfect harmony, treading a breathtaking path between electronic, tribal and instrumental music.
During the 2005-06 winter season, Sin Plomo and partners Stenko and Goran presented Twisted successfully every Friday through to the end of June 2006, at Grial in Ibiza. The music style covered a broad spectrum of ‘house’ incorporating live percussion and vocals along with spectacular visuals by Lars Bruun, creating a vibe and energy that is unique to them and in doing so, became the talk of the island in the winter. Guest DJ’s included Susso (Space), Pippi (Amnesia), Oscar Colorado (Space), Dave Storm (Stereo Productions), Paul Lomax (Jockey Club) and Graham Sahara (Pacha) to name but a few who came to join in the fun!.
During summer 2006, Twisted Ibiza had joined forces with Zenith Ibiza to launch ‘Day Off’ Tuesday mornings in Space… A new day party with Sin Plomo as resident accompanied by international and local DJ’s… a new venture full of surprises!
Also this summer you can find Sin Plomo spinning, amongst of others in Space at “We love Sundays at Space” and at Sa Trinxa / Salinas Beach once a week.
Coming up in february 2007 is a new production of SIN PLOMO & JEROME ISMA AE called LA MER released on JEE PRODUCTIONS. Also released around the same time is a real Balearic remix by Sin Plomo on ‘Westpark Music’, of the old ‘Ritchie Heaven’ Woodstock classic ‘Freedom’ (covered by ‘Floorjivers’).
Sin Plomo mixes an enormous assembly of styles in perfect harmony, treading a breathtaking path between electronic, tribal and instrumental music.


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