Zoe is living an artistic lifestyle filled with music, writing and curating art exibitions.

The Liberian-German singer/songwriter already hit the charts with her first single “Love can change so much“ in 2001, followed by her great album “Zoeciety” including hit singles like “Could it be you “ feat. Ky-Mani Marely, and many more.
Well respected in the music scene from Pop to Reggae, Zoe started touring popular festivals in Europe. Her second album “Exile African“, recorded at the legendary GeeJam Studios in Jamaica, finally established her role as an outstanding musician and live performer.
This studio album was followed by a fine array of single releases: “Rock Steady“, “Is dis Love” feat. Alborosie, “Liberia” feat. Chuck Fender, as well as cooperations with artist like Laith Al Deen, B-Tight and Anthony B leading to her third album “Golden Rebellion“.

The interest and involvement with art and the conviction that music and arts walk closely together inspired her to work with visual artists and photographers, deeply involved in the development process as muse, brainstormer and curator since 2008.

Lately Zoe is following new paths in highly acknowleged heart projects. In 2014, she wrote “Change”, the music theme for the prized movie “Mata Mata”, a documentary about rise and failure of Brazilian soccer talents. She ventured into german songwriting for Munich based DJ Team Poenitsch & Jakopic, and recently initiated a collab in electronic music with Portuguese-German Producer and DJ Carlos Mendes, always playing with the full spread of music.